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Think of all the things a Caribbean vacation used to engender—serenity, great natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, fine dining, and a slow-paced island ambiance where all your problems are days away. The influx of mega-resorts, mega-cruise ships and fast food venues has, on some islands, done away with that traditional image of the unspoiled Caribbean, but there’s at least one West Indies destination where the true, exotic Caribbean experience is alive, well and thriving—the beautiful and captivating island of Saint Lucia.

In this Saint Lucia Travel Agent Expert Program (SLEx), you’ll find all the information you’ll need to provide your clients with a enrapturing vacation. Indeed, it’s one of the most classic Caribbean vacation experiences that’s available today with resorts that run the gamut from all-inclusive to classic inns, as well as boutique hotels with spas and wellness programs in settings that will take your breath away and make you understand why Saint Lucia has become known as the premiere romance destination. In fact, as you’ll find in the destination wedding, honeymoon and romance section of this course, the French have left a lasting legacy of l’amour in this romantic paradise, making it one of the most popular destination wedding and honeymoon hotspots in the Caribbean.

Of course, nothing generates romance more than the beauty and the natural setting of this gorgeous island, with the splendor of the UNESCO World Heritage Piton Mountains reaching into the clear blue skies washed clean by the trade winds and framing this tropical Shangri-La in a pattern of lush greenery. This is all set off by the exploding colors of the tropical trees and plants, fed by gushing, natural waterfalls and crystalline streams. Clients will love the island’s palm-fringed black and white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, not to mention its beautiful hiking trails filled with colorful and exotic bird life.

St. Lucia Island Map
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All of this natural beauty and romance has spawned an opportunity for unique adventures for both families and couples, with an endless list of recreational pursuits that range from mountain climbing and mountain biking, to ATV and jeep safaris, birdwatching and trekking, horseback riding and exhilarating ziplining in the rainforest. There’s also whale watching and turtle watching, deep-sea fishing and sailing, as well as some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Indeed, Saint Lucia is a truly unique eco-paradise—where else would you find a drive-through volcano listed as a major attraction?

Its history and culture, too, is as unique and fascinating as its natural beauty, stretching back thousands of years to the Arawak and Carib Indians, joined by pirates during the 1500s. The fractious colonial history began in the early-1600s with the French taking over in 1659. The British and French waged a 150-year seesaw battle for control, with the British finally taking possession in 1838, and leaving a colorful legacy of pirates, colonial intrigue and a unique mix of European influence.

It is this rich history that has created a vibrant, melange of cultural diversity and warmth—easily welcoming visitors with vibrant Caribbean music, the famous annual Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, regular street parties in Gros Islet, the weekly Dennery Fish Festival and the Anse la Raye Seafood Friday—all of which feature plenty of fun and music for visitors of all ages. But it’s the annual Saint Lucia Carnival that’s the big party of the year with costumes and musical competitions and big on island culture and fun.

All of this information is waiting for you in detail throughout Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) Program, a course that has been developed specially for you, to support your becoming a Saint Lucia Travel Expert and increase your sales to this classic Caribbean vacation destination. Sign up today and start selling Saint Lucia tomorrow.