Our Team

Fave Local Food

  • Richard Moss: Eating some hot fluffy floats in Babonneau.
  • Racquel John: Visiting Gros-Islet Fish Fry to indulge in some flavorful stewed Lambi and the fisherman’s ‘Catch of the Day’.
  • Hortensia Joseph: Stopping to eat some hot local bread with cheese in Thomazo, Dennery on arrival in Saint Lucia.

Fave Local Experience

  • Racquel John: Snorkeling at Anse Cochon experiencing the exotic marine life.
  • Richard Moss: A historical and authentic day at Pink Plantation followed by a great local meal.
  • Ernie George: Diving at Superman Flight to experience enchanting beauty beneath the sea.
  • Hortensia Joseph: Enjoying a day at one of the island’s pristine beaches.

Fave Festivals

  • Odile Devaux: Attending Saint Lucia’s premier Jazz & Arts Festival.
  • Ernie George: Celebrating the richness and diversity during Saint Lucia Creole Heritage Month.
  • Hortensia Joseph: Experiencing the vibrancy and creativity at Saint Lucia Carnival.